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thegirlwithbambieyes asked: It says alot when Lauren still follows Steph on Twitter but doesn't follow Whitney!

Yes! Lauren and Whitney have had a falling out. It’s sad cause they use to be such good friends!

swimgoo0d asked: is lauren still in contact with jason and/or stephen?

She is still in contact with Stephen, I don’t think she speaks to Jason anymore! (:

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pinkpulitzer asked: LOVE this blog, love love love.


Anonymous asked: omg have you seen speidi on uk cbb?

OMG YES! I haven’t exactly seen them since they don’t play it here but I have been keeping up with Spencer’s tweets. So sad they’re out now haha. 

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Anonymous asked: heidi before or after surgery?

She looks good now but looked better before. 

stephanie-lange asked: Was the phone call that Spencer made to Lauren apologizing for spreading the rumor of the sextape so that Lauren would attend the wedding a real phone call and real apology or was it all for the show?

It wasn’t even a real phone call. Like Spencer didn’t even call Lauren, Lauren was reacting to someone else who called her. Spencer never called her, they edited it to make it look like he did. 

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